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When Should You Clean Your Tile floor and Grout  Cleaning Service

Youmay be wondering how frequently you should have professional tile cleaning performed. There is no blanket answer to for this question. It depends on many factors, include traffic volume (and entryway is probably the highest), moisture content of the room (bathrooms and kitchens are typically more moist), spill frequency (kitchens take a regular beating, but dining room floors receive stains frequently too), the number of children, numbers of pets and your regular cleaning frequency also contribute to a more or less frequent professional cleaning service required.

Z.M.’s offers you highly trained and knowledgeable tile and grout cleaning technicians. In addition to ensuring your newly clean tile floors sparkle to your satisfaction, we will respect your personal property and your time. This means that we will carefully move any furniture or personal items out of harm’s way, and we will not cut any corners while performing our service. In addition, we will arrive on time and will
work efficiently, while ensuring the job is done to the highest caliber.
Our Cleaning Process:

Before we arrive, we will happily discuss the cleaning process system with you, and explain all of the options we offer in terms of tile cleaning and grout cleaning. One of the most common options our customer choose
is tile steam cleaning, as it is an entirely Eco-friendly, human friendly and pet friendly cleaning method, using only hot water and electricity. Absolutely no chemicals are involved in tile steam cleaning.

Before we leave, our technicians will happily answer any of your questions regarding to how to maintain your beautifully cleaning tile and grout. We will take time to explain the steps of how to clean tile and grout so that you can maximize the time between requiring professional service.

Ceramic Tile Floor – Stone Floor – Tile Floor –  Grout Cleaning

Your children spill juice and soda on the kitchen floors; mold and mildew sneakily grow up the bathroom walls; dirt is tracked in and settles deep within cracks and crevices of tile entryways before you have time to sweep it up. Thankfully for you, Z.M.’s tile and grout cleaning department in Z.M.’s
is in your immediate area, and is willing and able to perform high-pressure cleaning of these areas, effectively removing stains, spills, dirt, debris, mold and mildew from your tiled areas!

Our tile floor and grout cleaning services
technicians are trained and experienced in providing thorough cleaning of all tile and grout types. We use only the cleaning methods that are recommended by ceramic, porcelain, quarry, terracotta, terrazzo and agglomerate tile manufacturers. Therefore, our cleaning methods ensure that we are protecting the lifespan and structural integrity of your tile and grout. Some of our customers have learned the hard way when attempting to perform tile and grout cleaning themselves, and have caused more harm than good to their tile floors and walls by using
chemicals and cleaning methods that are too harsh for the type of tile and grout. Or, they have used a cleaning product with bleach in it on colored grout, and have discolored the grout.

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