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Hardwood Floors Refinishing, Wood Floors Cleaning, Hardwood Floor Installation in Yorba Linda CA, Call Local Company Z.M.’s 1-888-777-8905

How is your floors? if you are visit our website, you may need hardwood floors service. Either refinish, install, cleaning, waxing, polishing, repair, restoration.
some time your hardwood looks dirty, or water leak on few wood planks, so? what you gonna do? dont wait you should call right now to a local company!! preventing more damage on hardwood floors planks or you’ll get the worst of it. normal household cleaning product can be good result for brand new hardwood floors or they bean installed no more then 2 years. If your hardwood floors older then 2 years you may have to call local flooring company to perform pros process like buffing, only buffer can remove dirt between planks, oil, pet stain,food satin and more from surface. Its made to be, high speed buffer ensure clean floors for the new year..

We are proud to offer you flood, water damage restoration and repair service removes at least some the gloom you feel after suffering such disasters. Let Z.M.’s to inspect your floors before you spend money, we will provide on-site estimate regarding any needs for hardwood floors service. We make your life easier and safe when it comes to hardwood at home, apt, office and commercial places.

Commercial Hardwood Flooring Services – When you contact Z.M.’s Carpet & Hardwood Floor to professionally service the cleanliness of your store on a regular basis your clients and guest satisfaction is a guaranteed fact. Get ahead of your competitors, a nice and shiny floor at your office can make the sale point better then your competitors who don’t know any better…

Our word is our bond and we are committed to your 1000% satisfaction.

Z.M.’s Carpet & Hardwood Floors removes pollen – dust mites – allergens – oil – pet satin -fungus – bacteria and improves indoor air quality. We use only cleaning agents that are safe for children, pets, and allergy sufferers. Our services include: pet odor and pest control, wax and gum and other stubborn stains removal, and mildew treatment with ecology in mind.

Contact Z.M’s Carpet & Hardwood Floor of Yorba Linda @ 1-888-777-8905 for a free estimate:

  • Wood floor Sanding
  • Sealing
  • Applying filler if needed
  • Finishing
  • Waxing and polishing
  • Refinishing wood floor
  • Staining
  • Bleaching
  • Wood floor Customized installation
  • Buffing
  • Top-quality polyurethane protection