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Some people really enjoy cleaning. Some don’t. Regardless of which category you fit into, it’s got to be done if you want to avoid exposing yourself, your family
and anyone who visits your residence, to health risks. Setting up a cleaning schedule is the best way to keep ahead of the game. The great thing about devising a
cleaning schedule is that once you’ve identified the tasks, you can start delegating various chores to family members and heavy duty jobs to a reliable commercial
and residential cleaning services like Z.M.’s Hardwood Flooring Services in DC. If you ignore setting up a basic cleaning schedule, it won’t take too long before you notice tell-tale signs such as unpleasant odors, discoloration and the appearance of spots and stains on your carpets and upholstery. Here are some handy house care suggestions from Z.M.’s Hardwood Flooring Services in DC.

Creating a Cleaning Plan

Creating a cleaning plan will help you minimize the amount of time you spend cleaning. It will also help you identify those tasks that can be delegated to other household members, or an outside party.

The best way to devise a cleaning plan is to identify those tasks that need to be completed daily, weekly, monthly or less frequently. Daily cleaning chores include washing dishes, trash removal, making the bed and so on. Weekly cleaning jobs typically include sweeping, vacuuming, laundry, washing the floor, etc. This might be a good time to note that these are only guidelines, or suggestions. If you live with pets or small children, or have many visitors coming in and out of the house, you may need to vacuum, sweep or even wash the floor, more frequently.

Cleaning schedules become even more important when considering more intensive cleaning activities. These heavy duty jobs, such as carpet cleaning,oriental rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning and furniture cleaning should be carried out on a regular basis – approximately once every two years or so. Unfortunately, many people wait until their interiors “need it”, i.e., the carpets and furniture exhibit telltale signs of wear and tear, such as discoloration and unpleasant odors. Waiting too long will affect the effectiveness of odor and carpet stain removal.

Professional Cleaning Services

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Cleaning in DC offers a verity of home and office cleaning service for your connivance:

  • Carpet Cleaning Service
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Rug Cleaning
  • Air Duct Cleaning
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning
  • Fire & Water Damage Restoration
  • Automotive Interior Cleaning
  • Wood Floor Cleaning
  • Awning & Canopy Cleaning
  • Hardwood Floor Installation
  • Window Treatment
  • Cleaning Estate Housing